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Stay updated about our ground-breaking initiative to offer high-speed internet services to every household and business in Brooks.

BrooksNET is an open-access fibre optic network that reaches every household and business in Brooks. The backbone network is owned by the City of Brooks and internet service providers use the network to provide services to customers. The network is capable of delivering up to 10 Gigabytes per second (Gbps) to every household and business in Brooks. With this project, the City of Brooks will become one of the first 10 Gbps rural communities in Canada, positioning it as an attractive location for knowledge-based industries and residents who value affordable high-speed connectivity along with a well-balanced life rooted in community.

Two Major Problems

Low Connectivity

According to Broadband Communities Magazine, a quarter to a half of the population decline in rural areas of the US is attributable to poor or no broadband access. Assuming similar results for Canada, having capable broadband services available to residents and businesses is not only critical to the growth, it becomes a matter of survival for rural communities.

Limited Internet Services

Communities face the decision of who is going to develop the infrastructure and deliver the services. Many communities have left the task to private internet service providers but unfortunately for smaller or rural communities, these traditional incumbents primarily focus on the larger and more profitable urban centres.

We Got You Covered

The City of Brooks’ solution to the broadband and connectivity problem is to construct an open-access fibre optic network that is partially municipally owned. Many people have come to think of it in comparison to a more traditional municipal service – roadways. The City builds and owns the roads, and any transport or taxi company is permitted to drive on the road. Similarly, the City will own the backbone network and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to have access so they can provide competitive, very high-bitrate internet and possible telephone and television to residents.

We Are Supported By Our Valued Partners

A project such as this requires a group of partners with distinct experience in various areas. We are pleased to be working with these companies and would like to acknowledge their participation in this project.

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IBI Group

IBI Group
The IBI Group is a Canadian design and technology firm that has been active within Alberta since 1976. IBI has helped plan, design, and implement fibre optic networks in a variety of settings including the Durham Region in Ontario as well as projects in Clearwater Country and the City of Lethbridge.

Lite Access Technology Inc.

Lite Access Technology Inc.
Lite Access is the project’s general construction partner. Lite Access has been installing fibre optic networks since 2004 and has deployed many fibre optic networks across Western Canada. Aside from BrooksNET, they have recently been pivotal in deploying broadband infrastructure in Clearwater County and the Ktunaxa Nation Council in Cranbrook, BC. These construction projects make Lite Access Technologies an excellent fit as they draw upon their experience to help build BrooksNET in the most efficient way possible.


O-NET is set to be BrooksNET’s initial Internet Service Provider (ISP). O-NET has been providing internet, television, and telephone connectivity to end users for the last decade. O-NET provides a responsive and state-of-the-art fibre optic network along with great customer service for residential and commercial customers. The knowledge that they bring will help the City of Brooks promote this new network and bring on new and eager residents and businesses as the network becomes available.

Community Network Partners

First, we would like to recognize Crown Capital and their wholly-owned subsidiary Community Network Partners Inc. (CNPI). Crown Capital saw the opportunity that existed within the City of Brooks as an underserved broadband community and was willing to invest over $15 million. Community Network Partners Inc. was born out of a passion to support Canadians living in rural and remote areas by giving them access to the kinds of network technology typically only available in large urban centers. Their expertise will be used to manage and operate the fibre optic network to ensure 24/7/ 365 service.